Trade Union request mayor of Yerevan to issue bonuses to city employees and make a pay raise

Trade Union request mayor of Yerevan to issue bonuses to city employees and make a pay raise

Union of state, Local Government and Public Service Employees addressed the mayor of Yerevan Mr. Hayk Marutyan, with a suggestion to pay bonuses to the employees of the City Hall and ward offices to offset the social constraints and to motive the employees before the decision of the pay rise will take place.

In the letter addressed to the mayor, the union stresses, that most of the workers in 2020 worked in very extreme conditions – in state of emergency, and in martial law, and it had a difficult and harmful impact on their health, in some cases, they overworked, performing additional responsibilities. Being the pillar of direct contact with citizens, many became infected with COVID-19. They bore the extreme financial responsibilities to take care of the medical bills for themselves and their families, in many cases workers spent more than their income. Most of the employees made personal contributions for the protection of the borders of the Republic of Armenia, they donated their personal money for the defense of the homeland and other various initiatives during the attack on the Artsakh Republic. They provided psychological and material support to relatives and friends who went to the frontlines.
At the same time, the two crises led to a deterioration of the economic situation, devaluation of the dram. As a result, inflation created additional social problems for workers. In 2021, a new social burden appeared for employees when their payroll “sticker fees” were increased.

On February 9, the response was received from the City Hall, which says that the topic will be discussed in Q3 2021.

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