October 7: Peace has no alternative

October 7: Peace has no alternative

Today, on October 7, when the world celebrates the World Day of Decent Work, the Armenian society found itself in a double crisis. Having not yet recovered from the severe consequences of the epidemic, the country was plunged into a full-scale war. Workers and their families go to the frontline to defend their right to live in the homeland. The healthcare system, along with COVID-19 patients, now is also overloaded with wounded on the battlefield. The functionality of the state will be suspended for a long time, the budget formed from taxes will irreversibly lose the resources that should have been directed to overcoming the crisis, restoring public health, improving public life. There will be a setback in all the economic, social and political indicators that have taken place so far.

But there is no alternative to peace. The society cannot fight endlessly against the crises on different sides. Events have shown that even in peacetime, public services have great difficulty overcoming the health crisis, and workers have difficulty finding a dignified existence.

Employees devote a significant portion of their lives to work and to pays taxes․ Instead, they deserve to live in a sovereign state, to have a peaceful, quality, socially secure, healthy life and not to be afraid of the future.

We must achieve peace as soon as possible, and then work out completely new social approaches to get out of the double crisis, to build a socially guarantees for society, and a resilient state.

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